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For its 11th edition, the Art Elysées fair is proud to present Fred Kleinberg’s exclusive exhibition, a moving testimony of his immersion in refugee camps. Faced with the disturbing global tendency of human transhumance, this artistic initiative aims to report on the migratory phenomenon that is shaking up the contemporary world.

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Focusing on the world’s most pressing questions, Fred Kleinberg, as a painter, paid regular visits to refugee camps, in collaboration with the NGO Médecins du Monde: in the Calais Jungle, in the Grande Sainte camps, on the island of Lesbos in the camps of Karatepe and Moria. His artistic project reports with sensitivity this exodus, a worldwide phenomenon which reflects on the plague of the century.

Fred Kleinberg produced an exclusive series of large fomat paintings and drawings after meeting refugees. The production of this series of works resulted from human encounters, tales of life experiences, geographical shifts, all of which contributed to his creations: from pictures taken on the spur of a moment to live sensations. All of these personal experiences proved to be necessary in the creation of this testimonial project of an artist.

During his travels, he recorded the sounds of this odyssey: interviews of migrants, stories from volunteers and humanitarian coordinators, sounds from the landscape and the daily lives of refugee camps. A soundtrack that goes along with the works of art, was created in collaboration with the musician François-Régis Matuszenski.

Willing to contribute to the humanitarian aid using his artistic skills, Fred Kleinberg organizes in collaboration with the local NGOs creative workshops during each of his visits.

Fred Kleinberg _ Work in progress : Fresco, pastel on paper drawing 18MX1.30M

This artistic and human adventure federates around it a shared vision of existence, common human values, of responsible and social commitment. To a greater extent, this project sheds light on the refugee crisis and to the question “in what way do art and humanitarian aid work together to open up a new perspective on migration?”.  A number of public figures and institutions support this project: M. Jack Lang, President of l’Institut du Monde Arabe, Ms Agnès B and the endowment fund Agnès B, and the NGO Medecins du Monde. 

Odyssey, a travelling exhibition.

The total body of his works was intended to be a travelling exhibition. The technical realization of this project was enabled by Anagraphis.

Alongside his exhibitions will be published a special edition of Artension magazine.

• Official exhibition during the Art Elysées fair from October 19th till 23rd, 2017.

• At l’Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) in February and Mars 2018.

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Photo credits: Bertrand Rieger