For over a century Lalique has remained one of the crown jewels of France’s crystal industry and continues to thrive as a timeless lifestyle brand.

Founded in 1888, Lalique is more than the Master of glass and crystal. René Lalique, renowned as the inventor of modern jewellery, then became Master in the art of glassmaking. Over time, his name has become the powerful symbol of a unique expertise, a synonym for luxury, excellence, creativity and an immediately recognizable style. Lalique earned his title, Sculpteur de Lumière, from the richly sculptural craftsmanship and dramatic contrasts between clear and frosted finishes that define his work. 

Today, Lalique has reinvented the creative, eclectic world of its founder with its contemporary work in five areas: jewellery, decorative items, interior design, perfumes, and art. The company enters into exclusive collaborations with other luxury brands, artists and designers to create stunning objects and collections based on both partners’ know-how and expertise. The crystal pieces are produced in France at the Lalique factory in Alsace at the unique Lalique manufactory, opened in 1921.

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