INSPIRE | Tristan Vyskoc

Official exhibition,  pavillon A 


by Tristan Vyskoc

"Man does not only live his personal life as an individual, but consciously or unconsciously he is also part of the life of his time and his contemporaries", writes Thomas Mann in The Magic Mountain. And this is undoubtedly the starting point of the INSPIRE project of the artist Tristan Vyskoc (...)
In his personal journey as a self-taught painter, mixing work with his personal experiences, mountains secures an essential place.6 paintings of 2 meters high each, a huge encircling canvas 32 meters long inside which people may walk around and which offers to see the Mont-Blanc 360° (France, Italy Switzerland) (...) Using oil on canvas, Tristan Vyskoc opposes a contemplative approach, patient and slow to the overconsumption of images. Using shades of blue, the painter is in line with the nineteenth century romanticism, when blue became the colour of dreams and imagination, of a kind of melancholy that offers him an additional degree of spirituality (...)

Through this exhibition Tristan Vyskoc shows the Mont Blanc, he shifts our attention to a paradoxal problematic: seeing the immaculate heights we immediately imagine that the air is pure, whereas the Arve valley below suffers from important air pollution. He makes us conscious of the global warming, yet invisible, and of the atmospheric pollution responsible for seven million deaths each year in the world. The artist reminds us about our responsibility as man turned the earth into Anthropocene.

Sea of ​​Ice - Oil on canvas - 200 x 200 cm 2018