Le Cercle des parfumeurs créateurs

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A world of authentic and unique scents told by artists. 

Le Cercle des Parfumeurs Créateurs was an encounter orchestrated by two perfume enthusiasts, Manuel Varliette and Olivier Le Didroux. Driven by the desire to share fine French perfumery in all its glory, they invited exceptional perfumers to bring their dream fragrances to life.

The perfumers were given carte blanche to tell their individual stories, unveil their emotions and convey their personalities, boldly, yet subtly, with an added dash of panache. Prior to Le Cercle, no perfume house had ever given its creators such freedom of expression. A new world of fragrances has been born.



Those invited to join Le Cercle are all descendants of the illustrious French perfumery family. Working behind the scenes, they created symbolic fragrances for famous perfume houses. But now Le Cercle wants to bring these artists into the limelight, giving them unlimited freedom to express their talent centre stage and develop their ideal fragrance.
Each of the seven chosen perfumers recounts an incredible story through perfume, and each story is packed with fragrance and emotion.



Created by French perfumers and manufactured in France, Le Cercle perfumes bear all the hallmarks of French perfumery at its finest. Sincere and authentic, scintillating and poetic, these creations tell seven different stories – seven invitations to carry heart, body and soul to far-off climes.


The Cercle des Parfumeurs Créateurs is delighted to share during the Art Elysées-Art & Design fair, the world of unique and authentic fragrances as retold by the artists themselves. Driven by the desire to share fine artistic perfumery in all its glory, Le Cercle des Parfumeurs Créateurs proudly presents 7 perfumers and 7 incredible stories packed with fragrance and emotion. 



Contacts :
Manuel Varliette
Olivier Le Didroux
Beauty Entreprise
66 Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris