Art in Eyes Gallery is specialised in Cinetic Art and Optical art aka OpArt, due to the original passion of its founder, Nathalie Cohen, towards this specific kind of art. Cinetic art consists of pieces with moving parts. The movements may be due to the air or a motor
L’OpArt or Optical Art explores the reliability of the eye and traps the brain through various illusions.
Art In Eyes gallery shows pieces whose movement are due to a spectator. Then he becomes part of the creation. The artist may play with the contrast of the colours, the moiré effect , the lighting or the spectator’s movement, the aim is to move the spectator’s eye, then his brain, in order that he “gets into” the piece of art.
Incomprehension, amusement, interrogation, sensation, astonishment or reflexion, the emotion varies according to the spectator.
For several years, Art In Eyes Gallery has been selecting gifted and representative artists of this visual art type and shows their work in art fairs and exhibitions through Europe and the United States.


28 boulevard Victor Hugo
92200 Neuilly/Seine - France


Direction | Manager :
Nathalie Cohen

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Françoise Aubry

Nathalie Cohen

Pascal Maillard

Michael Scheers