Founded in 1989 in Saint-Etienne, the Berthéas Gallery is also located in Vichy and Paris. As soon as its opening the gallery have been attached to Cobra painters and the 1960’s and 1970’s abstract painting. Thereafter its activity has been focused on the Figuration Libre and Narratives’ artists. At the end of the 1990’s it has fully participed to the urban art acknowledgement. Today its artists selection is shared between modern and contemporary art major figures such as Ben, Arman, Antonio Segui, Jacques Villéglé, Peter Klasen, Robert Combas, etc. As well as younger artists from urban art.
To promote these artists, the gallery is planning several exhibitions in its differents spaces and is participating to famous contemporary art fairs.
For each of these events the gallery is publishing a monography or a catalogue.
The Bertheas gallery is member of the « Comité professionnel des galeries d’art ».
In the fall, the gallery will open a new space over 1000m2.

For the Art Élysées 2019 edition modern art section, the Bertheas gallery will show an artists selection who made, years after years, it’s identity. With especially iconics artists from « l’école de Nice » : Arman, César, Ben, … Some very beautifuls Bengt Lindstrom works, as well as an exeptional focus about Claude Vénard wich will honor unprecedented works from 1950/1960.


1 & 2, Place Maxime Gorki
42000 Saint-Etienne - France
23, rue du parc
03200 Vichy - France
76, rue de Turenne
75003 Paris - France


Direction | Manager :
Alain Berthéas

+33 (0)4 77 41 80 77
+33 (0)6 89 95 59 13

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Stand 105 A