Huberty & Breyne Gallery has been offering its expertise on original comic book and illustration artwork for more than 25 years. It has become an international reference in that field. The gallery offers a rigorous selection of original works signed by illustrious drawing masters such as Hergé, Franquin, Martin, Hubinon or Schuiten. The gallery also dedicates itself to promote recent and emerging artists from the comic books art field who tend to expend their graphic researches in different fields (Paintings, sketches, drawings) such as Philippe Geluck, François Avril, Jean-Claude Götting and Jacques de Loustal.
Alongside their gallery activities, Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne offer their expertise at auctions dedicated to the world of the ninth art.

The gallery showcases artistic programming centred on the dialogue between contemporary art and comics. This program is structured around solo shows and collective exhibitions where painters, illustrators, comic book authors, plastic artists, photographers and sculptors join forces to break down the barriers between genres. For his third participation in Art Elysées, the stand is mainly dedicated to one of the gallery’s leading artists: Philippe GELUCK. The Huberty & Breyne gallery offers a carte blanche to the artist who has transformed his cat character into an icon of the contemporary comic strip. Through his paintings, Philippe Geluck tickles out the boxes the perception of modern art. Let it put in abyme The origin of the world of Gustave Courbet, parody the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein, questions the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock or lacerates the Spatialism of Lucio Fontana, it is always with a smile in the corner. His works are as many stinging tributes to the masters of contemporary painting.Le Chat also poses for resin or bronze sculptures, playing the «Chaltérophile «or the Discobole. Nothing is sacred or formatted as Philippe Geluck. If he diverts the masterpieces, it is with tenderness and admiration, to invite us to draw from them unexpected new pleasures. The gallery also offers visitors a selection of its latest works, including large-scale paintings, original drawings, sculptures and screen prints. In parallel, the gallery shows a selection of new works, paintings and drawings, by François Avril, a unique opportunity to immerse in a graphic universe composed of landscapes that are both elegant and clean.

From the same graphic school, but in an approach of different color and line, some new paintings by Jean-Claude Gotting will also be presented. The artist will unveil her latest portraits and landscapes at Art Élysées 2019.


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Alain Huberty & Marc Breyne

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