Antonio Nardone opened his gallery in Brussels in 2008.
Galerie Nardone’s focus is the primary representation of important contemporary artists from Belgium who work in sculpture, painting, photography and new media. Galerie Nardone also works closely with museums and public institutions to support the placement of per¬manent commissions and exhibitions and is active in the production of publications by its artists. Since 2015, Galerie Nardone also participates in some international Arts Fairs annually like KIAF art Seoul and Mia photo – Milan or Art Élysées. We live today in the age of digitisation, or more accurately of the analogical and its innocence. In painting, tensions diverge between monochrome abstraction and soft, raw realism. These lines of divergence tend towards poles that are not so opposite. What brings the whole together it is the narrations of a possible reality. A character, an attitude, a place describe the universes of possibilities. The experiences of the Surrealism of Magritte have opened all the doors of dreams. Galerie Nardone presents four emerging artists. Sasha Drutskoy's painting where "surrealist" poetry is combined with a romantic perfume. Juan Miguel Pozo develops a painting concept where it is possible to discover propaganda posters taken off the walls. Pascal Bernier on his side leads a gymnastics of the spirit that projects us towards the softness of a living animal. The other illusion is the photographic media by omitting the essential tool: the camera ! Phil Van Duynen draws directly on the computer via a graphic tool. No model, no previous photography. Drawing, shades of colour in RGB, then gradually photography appears, by touch, by lay. Mathilde Nardone wants to capture this distorted reality of feelings and passions. And what could be more real then, almost conceptual, than the use of the scanner.


27-29, rue Saint-Georges
1050 Brussels - Belgique


Direction | Manager :
Antonio Nardone

+32 487 64 50 60

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Stand 144 A


Pascal Bernier

Sasha Drutskoy

Mathilde Nardone

Juan Miguel Pozo Cruz

Phil Van Duynen


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