Atelier Jespers is pleased to announce its third participation at Art Élysées Fair 2019 in Paris. The exhibition curated by Jean-François Declercq, is composed of three major themes dedicated to design and crafts.
The first installation will display a series of rugs “You and I” conceived by the Lebanese designer Nada Debs. She was commissioned by the FMBI - a humanitarian initiative aimed at women empowerment in Afghanistan - to collaborate with Afghan carpet wavers in Kabul. The rugs merge traditional techniques with a contemporary sensibility. Acclaimed in the USA and Lebanon, Nada Debs’s work deserves broader recognition in Europe. Born in Lebanon, she grew up in Japan and studied in the USA before establishing in Beirut. Becoming one of the pioneers in Lebanese design, she impulses the regional craftsmanship.
The second installation is an inspiration of the Roman Domus Aurea of Néron. Jean-François Declercq curated a series of high-end unique and limited edition pieces from renowned Belgian and international designers. These neo-archaistic objects set a singular dialogue between contemporaneity and antiquities. The show will display the “Bonze Paintings” by Pierre Bonnefille, ceramics by Pascale Risbourg, sculptures by Maarten Stuer and furniture pieces by Sébastien Caporusso, Clément Brazille and Yann Dessauvages.
The third installation will be a focus on Timothée Leclabart, a young autodidact Parisian designer. Keen about Oscar Niemeyer, he pays tribute to the Brazilian National Congress building from the Three Powers Square with a similar low table made by glass and concrete. This original artwork will be on display during the Fair.


Erfprinslaan 149
Avenue du Prince Héritier
1200 Bruxelles - Belgique


Direction | Manager :
Jean-François Declercq

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Studio Élémentaires

Pierre Bonnefille

Clément Brazille

Sébastien Caporusso

Nada Debs

Yann Dessauvages

Pierre-Louis Graizon

Abel Jallais

Timothée Leclabart

Pascale Risbourg

Maarten Stuer


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