Located in a small village of "Baix Empordà", in the province of Gerona, Casavells is a historic building whose origins date back to the 14th century.
Completely restored, almost three thousand square meters are the ideal place for a dialogue between the different exhibitors of the contemporary art scene, antiques and interior design. Casavells is pleased to present the Mexican artist, Patricia de Solages, a series of works entitled "Keep it Wild". De Solages captures breathtaking images of nature that reflect the influence of climate and the environment. De Solages devotes himself to the preservation of nature by printing his works on survival blankets, emphasizing the need to preserve the balance of the temperature of our planet.


2, Carrer Saint Isidre
17121 Girona - Espagne


Direction | Manager :
Jacobo Valenti

+34 678 447 376
+34 638 72 15 53

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Patricia De Solages