The Boesso Art Gallery was founded in Bolzano (Italy) in October 2010 by presenting a solo exhibition of Victor Vasarely under the titled “Incipit”, dedicated to the first period of his work Op-Art. The Boesso Art Gallery presents works by historical artists of geometric and abstract art as well as young contemporary Italian artists.

For this edition, the Boesso Art Gallery presents the project “Perception and Space” which highlights the works of two artists: the French Maxime Lutun and the Italian Vincenzo Marsiglia.
Both are inspired by abstract-geometric art, according particular attention to the perception, space and light, while developing a completely personal language. Marsiglia uses new technologies such as the iPad, polarized mirrors with integrated webcam and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to make the user interact with the artwork.
By combining Maxime Lutun with Horacio Garcia Rossi and Vincenzo Marsiglia with Victor Vasarely, we can only note that Lutun and Marsiglia are actually continuing the artistic heritage of the latters. Exhibiting theses contemporary works alongside emblematic works highlights this confrontation and suggests the path of artistic research undertaken by the two contemporary artists.


Via Maestri del Lavoro, 1
39100 Bolzano - Italie


Direction | Manager :
Anna Boesso

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Horacio Garcia Rossi

Maxime Lutun

Vincenzo Marsiglia

Victor Vasarely