For the first time, Huskdesignblog – a current online media for contemporary design -is teaming up with Art Elysées to present an exhibition of contemporary and collectible design pieces in Paris throughout the event.

Huskdesignblog presents a selection of young and emerging designers as well as internationally renowned designers in the form of a dreamlike, scenographic universe. Illustrating a new era, that of design in the present and its future transformations, the furniture and objects presented come together and connect in a panel of bold materials and shapes. Initiating contact, contemporary design and its actors offer Art Elysées an exclusive dialogue between current trends and innovations.

Scenography by Chloé Valette, founder of Huskdesignblog.


8, rue de Mulhouse
75002 Paris - France


Direction | Manager :
Chloé Valette

+33 6 89 69 42 52

Booth Number

Stand 310 C


Parasite 2.0

Wendy Andreu

Cécile Bichon

Wendy Andreu & Bram Vanderbeke

Winston Cuevas

Martin Thübeck & Elias Bath

Ida Elke

Laurène Guarneri

Nicholas Hamilton Holmes

Malcolm Majer

Ángel Mombiedro

Studio Squig

Trey Jones Studio

NOOM Studio

Dello Studio

Bling Studio

Kabinet Studios

Sophia Taillet

Bram Vanderbeke

Jean-Baptiste Durand & Virginie Willerval


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