The Gimpel & Müller gallery was born from a meeting in 2007 between Berthold Müller, gallery owner in the south-west of France and René Gimpel, director of the Gimpel Fils gallery, London opened in 1946.
Since its first meeting with Carlos Cruz-Diez and its sparkling gaze and scrutineer almost 40 years ago, the gallery has a deep friendship with man and an immense admiration for the magician of color. It was obvious to welcome him to the inaugural cemeteries of the first gallery near Biarritz in 1999. After the installation in Paris in association with the London gallery Gimpel Fils, it was necessary to find the opportune moment to pay tribute to this great kinetic artist who fits perfectly in the programming dedicated to concrete built art.
The doubling of the space made it possible to carry out this project that Cruz-Diez wanted red - green - blue.


12, rue Guénégaud
75006 Paris - France


Direction | Manager :
Berthold Müller

+33 (0)1 77 16 06 01
+33 (0)6 16 81 71 49

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Stand 132 A


Didier Bergerol

Ivan Contreras-Brunet

Olivier de Coux

Guy de Lussigny

Norman Dilworth

Garry Fabian-Miller

Günter Fruhtrunk

Eve Gramatzki

Pit Kroke

Francesco Marino di Teana

André Masson

Knut Navrot

Aurélie Nemours

Vera Röhm

Rudolf Schlichter

Jesús-Rafael Soto

Klaus Staudt

Victor Vasarely


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