Born from a long time will to promote the universe her founder grew up in, Galerie Anne-Claire Simon is specialized in current French scene with French and France-based artists, emerging and established. Its mission is to transcribe plastic and aesthetic qualities that the gallerist recognizes in this artistic horizon. The young gallerist identifies her line around two poles, oscillating between abstraction (shifted towards the work around nature and organicity) and the staging of dream and mysticism. The place of color and the matter in the composition are the two emphasized themes, with a fascination for Conceptual Art.

The selection of works is organized around a color harmony of pink, red, black, grey and white, in an anthropological approach celebrating femininity and sensuality. The chosen pieces gather painting and sculpture/installation, analyzing the metamorphosis process: matter giving birth to life, allegory of the Woman giving life, symbolized here by a 100% feminine program affirming its dedication to Nature.
The ensemble tells a natural history, gathered and narrated by the gallerist in collaboration with her artistes, in all the delicacy of their creation.


16, rue Guénégaud
75006 Paris - France


Direction | Manager :
Anne-Claire Simon

+33 (0)6 03 28 07 39

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Stand 147 A


Tsuyu Bridwell

Violaine Vieillefond


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