David Guiraud celebrates this year on the 10 years of the gallery in the Marais, 5 rue du Perche, after two years spent in the Swiss Village, near the Eiffel Tower. 
Today, the gallery is specialized in the photography of the 20th century and proposes exhibitions of vintage prints and represent classic and contemporary artists. David Guiraud is also for these last three years, expert-consultant with the auction house Tajan in Paris.
In 2007, the gallery had opened with an exhibition on Bert Stern and Marilyn Monroe's last photography session. For Art Elysees, the gallery plans to expose a set of representative editions of this last session, as well as Louis Stettner's symbolic images, the gallery of which represented the work these last years and which has just left us.
The gallery will also expose the rare complete set of images from the film "Daddy" by Nikki de Saint Phalle (and Peter Whitehead, in 1973), a magnificent bondage by Nobuyoshi Araki (70 x 90 cm), a unique edition of the French nuclear test of Mururoa (1971, 120 x 160 cm), and selected works of Lucien Clergue and George Dureau, whose work on the body in the 1970s, influenced R. Mapplethorpe.


5, rue du Perche
75003 Paris - France


Direction | Manager :
David Guiraud

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Bert Stern

Louis Stettner

Nobuyoshi Araki

Peter Beard


Lucien Clergue

Lucien Clergue

Niki de Saint-Phalle

George Dureau

Jefferson Hayman

Peter Klasen

Tetsumi Kudo

Robert Malaval

Pierré Molinier

Christian Paraschiv

Martial Raysse

Herb Ritts

Willy Ronis

Daniel Spoerri


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