From 1969 until today, PROTEE put her energy for painting promotion in it metamorphosis. Character, Poetry, Lyricism. Window is open for the sculpture Masters of the 50’s and 60’s Years, and recently for Pavlos. Faithfull for its artists, sometimes more or fifty fellow years. The Galleys follows the work with its families even after their death. Anyway Protée Gallery promote exclusively the works of the Artits whom she has today a partnership or for the Artist she knows during a lot of years and promoted in the past.

Their 2019 Art Élysées Theme :
Contemporary Expressionnism. Man in his solitude opposite at the silence of the world, such is Labégorre's universe. Linström with wide brushworks give rise to people half man half God.
Colors upper, rubiconds barbarics, full of exhuberent energy disturbing, they beat, love, give themselves up to mysterious rituals.
They answer to the nordic man difficult life confronted with man and climate hardness.
Canvas heavy of oilpainting in relief where the colours are are in their maximum, Stricher captures an invasive nature, wild, ambiguous in his suffocating beauty. Man is expulsed, sometimes a transparency reveals his real presence. Timeless, every géneration recaptures impressionnism. Here it is a very present proposal.


38, rue de Seine
75006 Paris - France


Direction | Managers:
Laurence Izern & Jacques Pulvermacher

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Stand 131 A


Giancarlo Bargoni

Sylvie Basteau

Costa Coulentianos

Christian Gardair

Serge Labégorre

Claudie Laks

Eugène Leroy

Bengt Lindström

André Marfaing

Gérard Stricher

José Subira Puig


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