Galerie Nichido Tokyo was founded in 1928 and exhibits works from Impressionism to contemporary art. Nichido Paris exists from 1973. We also have galleries in Nagoya, Fukuoka, and since 2015 in Taipei and participate at many international art fairs. In 1973 the Kasama Nichido Museum of Art of the Nichido Art Foundation opened in Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture. This year, we will present three Japanese emerging artists from Japan Shogo Mima, Shohei Matsumoto et Ken Yashiki and a French sculptor Arno Sebban.

This year, la Galerie Nichido selected three young Japanese artists, who all received the Showakai prize. The Showakai prize has been awarded to young artists by Nichido Galerie Tokyo for 54 years. The jury are composed of the curators, art critics and art dealers. We have selected these artists for their talents, creativities and good senses of spirit and humor. The painter Shogo Mima is in a way represent the modern Wonder Land. Humorous scenes are depicted with humor, wickedness, imagination. The painter Shohei Matsumoto uses animals instead of human to paint humorous scenes or sequences. Animals are just like human, they love each other, fight and play. This allows him to express himself freely without borders of country and generation. As for the painter Ken Yashiki, a graduate of Design and Textile, his paintings are made from textiles already worn to symbolize the memory of the passage of people in our world. This memory by the creation of these little fancy characters can only make us smile. The artist uses a very ancient technique of dyeing and his fabrics are on wood using the technique Kimekomi of which the fabric is traditionally inserted into the slots in the wood but the artist uses Styrofoam). As a sculptor we chose again Arno Sebban, who was already presented once. At the Salon. Since a few years ago, we present the artist at our Paris gallery. Having been quite popular, he has been uses different materials such as wood, bronze, metal in sleek and beautiful forms.


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