legal notice

Company name: OREXPO

Address: 4, avenue de Messine - 75008 Paris

Telephone: +33 (0) 9 87 72 49 90


Legal form: Limited liability company (SARL)

head office address: 4, avenue de Messine

Amount of the share capital: 15 244.90 euros

Siren / Siret: 422793752 00029

VAT: FR 534 22 793 752

Manager: Isabelle KEIT-PARINAUD

General Coordinator: Adeline KEIT

Project Manager: Sara BERTHIER

Consultant: Jean-Marc de CHAUVIGNY

Chief Financial Officer: Manuel Varliette

President of the Artistic Committee Art Élysées, section Art: Baudoin LEBON

President of the Artistic Committee Art Élysées, Design section: Ayann GOSES


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