The Fair

Dear friends,

During this unprecedented period of time, we are thinking of each and everyone one of you. We hope you are at home and in good health with your families.
We are fully committed to the preparation of the next edition of Art Elysées which will take place from October 22nd till 26th. Considering the complicated times we are all enduring, we have extended the deadline of the applications, which is now May 4th.
To answer your requests, please find the link to the application form for 2020’s edition, which must be sent back before May 4th. You may also register online via the Art Elysées – Art & Design website :

You may also find a brief presentation of the fair.
We remain at your disposal; feel free to contact us with any enquiries you may have.
Wishing you all well, our thoughts go out to you and your families.

The Art Elysées team



Élysées–Art & Design is one of the major events during the Parisian Art Week, which takes place every year in October. The fair contributes to the capital’s artistic dynamism and activity. Art Élysées stands apart from other fairs by offering reliable assets, valuable works of art and an alternative to the current art market. Through its unique identity and strong stand on art, the fair is a key event for art aficionados and collectors. The Art Élysées–Art & Design fair showcases an exceptional range of art. Art Élysées is the only fair to present 4 different sections, each under an ephemeral pavilion set up along the Avenue des Champs- Élysées. Both French and foreign galleries present a substantial selection of works in response to the market’s current demands. During each edition the fair renews coherent dialogue between modern and contemporary art and 20th century design. Contemporary artists in constant motion can be found next to some of the greatest references that have marked art history of the 20th century. Effective and attractive business opportunities; Art Élysées is a key fair for buyers and art professionals.

The next edition of Art Élysées - Art & Design will take place from October 22nd till 26th, 2020.