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8, rue Charles-François Dupuis

75003 Paris - France


Tél. : +33 (0)1 42 72 09 10

Direction : Baudoin Lebon
Artists :

Since 1976, Baudoin Lebon Gallery is dedicated on a long term collaboration with very different artists – different in their mode of expression (painting, sculpture, photography, installation), with a strong individuality and that need to be defended passionately because they stand out of trends and currents.


Exhibitions at the gallery are testimonies of this real awareness and curiosity of Baudoin Lebon for the diversity of modern and contemporary art : from Australian-Aborigene painters to Jean Dubuffet and Henri Michaux, passing by Bernard Requichot, Pierre Bettencourt, Robert Mapplethorpe et contemporary artists such as Alain Clément, Henri Foucault, Bernard Moninot, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond or Joel-Peter Witkin. 


On the occasion of the Art Élysées’ eighth edition, Baudoin Lebon will exhibit an installationof the Cuban artist Javier Balmaseda. In 2013, he represents the Principality of Andorra forthe 55th Biennale di Venezia with the artwork “Fixed in Contemporaneity “. This installationconsists of 10 horses of which legs have been cut, and are now fixed to jacks and otherautomobile elements.


The artist’s first intention is to create an image of contemporaneousness according to hisown experiments, reflecting about life’s and art’s aspects.Through this installation, he questions– by means of a metaphor – a contemporary society overwhelmed by the loss of culturalidentity. Hunger, precariousness, impotence, uncertainty, resignation and banishment arethe triggering factors which incites him to manipulate this reality.



Vladimir Skoda

« Entropia grande, 1 – infini »



© Franta Barton

Courtesy baudoin lebon



Keiji Uematsu

"red cone"



© keiji uematsu

Courtesy baudoin lebon


Javier Balmaseda Javier Balmaseda

Javier Balmaseda- BAUDOIN LEBON Javier Balmaseda- BAUDOIN LEBON

JoŽl Ducorroy Joël Ducorroy

Keiji Uematsu Keiji Uematsu

Vladimir Skoda Vladimir Skoda

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